Science-Backed Ways to Lose the Skinny Fat Look Forever

Science-Backed Ways to Lose the Skinny Fat Look Forever

Are you skinny, but still have muffin top? If so, throw away the scale and hit the weight room! Thin people often carry the most dangerous kind of fat. You don’t have to be a size 20 to be obese. The real skinny fat problem is having not enough muscle and too much fat. Symptoms include a large belly, flabby arms, and a chronic fear of gaining weight. But what is skinny fat anyway?

What Does Skinny Fat Mean?

Most people have never heard the word “skinny fat” or don’t know what it means. There’s a big difference between being thin and being healthy. According to researchers, one in four skinny people are metabolically obese. In order words, they carry too much fat and little muscle because of excessive cardio, lack of sleep, and poor nutrition.

So, what does a skinny fat person look like? This term describes a person who may appear thin but is unhealthy. A skinny fat individual will have a slim body, flabby arms, and chicken legs. He may also have belly fat and cellulite. Fat is usually accumulated around his liver, pancreas, and intestines. This condition is known as visceral fat. Although it’s not visible, it increases your risk of heart disease, insulin resistance, diabetes, and early death.

One in four skinny people are “metabolically obese.”

Some skinny fat people neglect their health because they assume they are well due to their appearance. Others are struggling to be skinny instead of fit, so they starve themselves and do tons of cardio each day. The skinny fat problem strikes women most since they’re often afraid to gain weight. As a result, they follow extreme diets and avoid lifting weights.

However, men can be skinny fat too. This problem is quite common among ectomorphs. Many guys put too much emphasis on cardio and skip the weights. Some claim that strength training is unhealthy and unnatural, so they rely solely on cardio. Others believe that cardio is the key to building a six pack.

Want to know the truth? A low calorie diet and excessive cardio won’t help you get ripped abs. Instead, you’ll get skinny fat.

How to Get Rid of the Skinny "skinny fat woman"Fat Look

This skinny-fat look is common among those who never step into a gym for any kind of weight training. Of course, there are exceptions to the rule – some people are naturally skinny. Either way, it’s possible to get rid of the skinny fat look and build lean muscle. The key is to combine strength training with proper nutrition and rest.

You’ll never get rid of belly fat and man boobs by spending hours on the treadmill. A low calorie diet and excessive cardio won’t help you build a six pack. The same goes for women – you won’t lose flabby arms and build a perfect butt by starving yourself and doing cardio. To lose the skinny fat look, stop focusing on your weight and start pumping iron!

To lose the skinny fat look, stop focusing on your weight and start pumping iron!

Stop Running So Damn Much

Cardio doesn’t make a body. Running, climbing stairs, and cycling are popular mainly because they burn calories. However, they also cause muscle loss when done in excess. To get rid of the skinny fat look, your workout routine should be 80% strength training and 20% everything else.

Weight loss is often the result of making better nutritional choices. If you’re skinny fat and have a big belly, focus on your diet instead of prioritizing cardio. At this point, you need to build muscle. Doing too much cardio will turn you into a ghastly, bony person with no muscle tone.

Start Pumping Iron

Make strength training a priority. The barbell should be your best friend. Don’t seek refuge in fancy gym machines that make your work easier. Free weights stimulate muscle growth, increase your balance, and strengthen your core better than any machine. This applies to both men and women. Strength training will raise your metabolism and increase muscle mass, helping you achieve a balanced physique.

"lose the skinny fat look"Use Compound Movements

More than 80% of your strength training efforts should go towards compound exercises, such as the squat, deadlift, bench press, push-ups, and pull-ups. These movements engage several muscles at once, giving you a strong foundation. In general, skinny fat people have thin arms, narrow shoulders, and flat butt. By doing compound and bodyweight exercises, they can fix these flaws.

To get rid of sagging arms, do isolation exercises. Throw in a few curls before ending your workout. Thick grip dumbbell hammer curls, thick grip cheat curls, and barbell curls are a great choice. Aim for three to four exercises for large muscle groups, and two or three exercises for smaller muscles like your biceps and triceps.

Watch Your Diet

Just because you’re skinny fat it doesn’t mean you can eat anything you want. That’s dumb! Stop sabotaging your progress with poor nutrition. Eating too much means getting even fatter. Your diet should include real foods with high nutritional value. This includes lean meat, fatty fish, green leafy vegetables, whole rice, nuts, seeds, and eggs.

Eliminate refined sugar and junk food from your diet. Steer clear of soft drinks, white rice and pasta, white bread, frozen meals, and high-sugar fruit. Learn to cycle your carbohydrates around your goals and workout routine. When it comes to food, focus on quality, not quantity. Stop drinking calories and choose water, tea, or coffee instead of soda.

Eat More Protein

Eat plenty of protein to support muscle growth and repair. All of your meals should include a source of protein along with veggies. Fill your plate with protein-dense foods, such as turkey, chicken, beef, salmon, tuna, egg whites, cottage cheese, and leafy greens. Have a protein shake before and after working out. If you must snack, go with raw veggies or whey protein.

Anyone can use these skinny fat workout and diet tips to build lean muscle. Make sure you get plenty of rest to allow your muscles to recover. Avoid stressful situations and don’t overtrain. Stress can cause a lot of problems, from belly fat to migraines, fatigue, and poor performance. Stop eating and drinking like a college kid, train hard, and set realistic goals.



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