Personal thoughts on fitness, bodybuilding, and nutrition; the psychology behind weight loss.
"the power of superfoods"

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From greater energy and weight loss to disease prevention, superfoods promise all sorts of extraordinary benefits. They have an exotic origin, boast amazing healing...
"Andra Picincu nutritionist"

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Do you eat clean, but still carry extra pounds? Sometimes even the best diet and workout routine can fail. Your body has an amazing...
"fitness motivation tips"

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Need an extra boost of fitness motivation? I'm not going to sugar coat you. No matter what your mom told you, not all dreams...
"fat acceptance movement"

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Ever wonder how much weight is too much? When does obesity become dangerous? While it's true that beauty comes in all sizes, there should...
"the psychology behind weight gain"

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Have you ever wondered why sometimes it's so easy to stay on track with your diet and then one day, you simply lose control...